The key assets of SPW Chartered Accountants are its people. SPW is always keen to recruit the highest calibre personnel in all areas of its business.

For details of career opportunities in both the accounting and non accounting spheres please email

The atmosphere at SPW is relaxed but professional with the best interests of the clients and their business needs at the heart of everything we do. The firm is extremely friendly with everyone on first-name terms. Partners’ doors are always open so should assistants need to talk, there is always someone happy to listen and help.

We do not set minimum academic standards because we do not want artificially to exclude from consideration those who have simply not performed to their capabilities during exams.

But academic excellence is only the starting point. In particular, we want to recruit those who have demonstrated an ability and a willingness to take on a high level of responsibility, because they will be expected to do so as trainees; who are able to convince us that they possess common sense and good judgement. All staff should have an outgoing personality with an ability to think and do things for themselves, a desire to participate and a ready ability to communicate; for whom coming to work each day is enjoyable.

We do not adopt any artificial criteria when recruiting; we will simply consider on their respective merits all those who fill the basic achievement and personality criteria described above.